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November - The Month of Self-Cultivation & Knowledge

November 2017 - Self-Cultivation & Knowledge
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Self - Cultivation & Knowledge

Welcome to BSA - The Conscious Alignment of Energy
Welcome to Body Space Alignment  - The Conscious Alignment of Energy. November is the month of self-cultivation and knowledge. Air or vatta, is still on the move through the throat chakra (vishuddha), while the element of metal navigates us through the autumn season. Metal is compounded this month by the yin heavenly metal stem that gracefully flows into the water Pig branch. Let's put these energy concepts into perspective and see where your focus can benefit you most this month.

Mary Jane

Still Like the Mountain:
Become still like the mountain is mindful meditation at its best. In Oahu, Hawaii, my daughter Christina is sitting in a perfect meditation posture as she prepares her physical body for a deeper progression to glimpse into the spirit sheath.  November is the month of the still mountain, or the trigram Gen. This trigram represents self-cultivation and knowledge. Inspirations from beyond this time and space occurs when we nurture the silence within. Open your mind and ask the sage within for assistance to receive insight and ageless wisdom. We can learn from books, but we gain wisdom through experience and delving deeper into higher self - where the spirit of God is revealed. This month, make it a practice of prayerful meditation. Find a quiet area of your home (preferable in the NE sector) of the entire home or a room, and set the environment for meditation practice. Include things like a meditation pillow, blanket, candles and whatever else feels peaceful to add to the d├ęcor. Spend at least 15 to 20 minutes in meditation and notice the difference you feel as you move through your day. Feel free to peruse my blog for many different articles about meditation and yoga practice. 

Autumn in Full Swing:
Autumn is in full flow. This is the season of air (vatta), and the Chinese element of metal. Vatta corresponds to the throat chakra, a subtle energy point corresponding to communication and listening skills. This in essence blends perfectly with the trigram of Gen, or the stillness of the mountain. Take your communication and listening outside the realm of the earthly plane to the heavenly realm and tap into the streams between your will to ask for, and align with the blessings in your life. The truth manifests before you and magnified through the resonance of Divine Will harmonizing within the desires of your soul. 
The element of metal represented by the autumn season is contractive - a pulling inward to witness true self. Just as the earth pulls inward to prepare for the colder months ahead, so too should we follow the whispers of nature that move with a natural progression.

Keep metal supported this season with the element of earth. Take a clean sweep of your home environment and make certain your earth points (Northeast, Southwest and Center) are balanced with strong earth elements. Assist your metal portents (West and Northwest), with metal qualities to keep mental awareness sharp.  (See any of my mini-feng shui series programs or any of my feng shui publications) for element design guidance.

The metal heavenly stem this month flows freely into the Pig earthly branch. The Pig is the sign of honesty, simplicity and great fortitude. This month apply yourself to an allotted task with all your strength. Get down to earth and be natural. Resist the urge to go overboard with eating, drinking and lavish treats. Albeit the boar can be gullible at times, he is smarter than you think. There is a scrupulous nature about the boar who is uncomfortable with ill-gotten gains. Therefore, there will be little tolerance for such behavior this month. Don't underestimate your enemies and overestimate your friends.

To find out how this month energy combinations will affect you personally email me for a personal Bazi Reading or House Reading - the macrocosm of your being.

Journal your experience as you are guided through meditations from nature with Mary Jane's third book; Mother Nature a Bridge to Conscious Living.

Mary Jane Kasliner

Great pose to embrace during the autumn season starting with the autumnal equinox!
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