Tell Me the Energy Forecast Thursdays!

Photo by: Martha Geiger  - A Childhood Friend!

Tell Me the Energy Forecast Thursday! The energy forecast today takes into account a combination of 4 Pillars and Flying Star Astrology modalities. Today, the energy bodes well for starting a new job or assuming a new position at work, business transactions or dealings, and visiting friends.

The fire heavenly stem bodes well for new marketing strategies, speaking engagements and public presence. Collaborating with others is definitely an approach you should consider today, as the level of trust is readily available with fire fueling the earth dog branch. Loyalty is the main component of the dog branch. If you are in the middle of transacting a deal, try to wrap up any loose ends and close it out today to capture the dog energy!

The most powerful energetic points today come under the categories of finances and wealth, marketing and reputation, and partnerships. With proper networking and marketing strategies, windfalls can be the result. A few things to consider:

  • Review your long term strategy plan and make the necessary changes.
  • Make sure you are networking with those you consider mentors or people who will assist you along the path.
  • Tap into resources that are readily available to you from those who you trust most. 
  • Review your real estate options and keep everything open for consideration.

Tip of the Day:  A single stick is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle. Focus on unity today!

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