Mindful Meditation Mondays!

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Welcome to Mindful Meditation Mondays! Cultivating mindfulness is the key to overcoming self imposed suffering. One of the best ways to nurture mindfulness is to sit in meditation. There are many different kinds of meditation to quiet the mind and body to produce and altered state of consciousness.

Mindful meditation is not about changing who we are but to become aware of what is already true. It's about being unconditionally present no matter what is happening around us. Mindful meditation helps us to go deeper within ourselves just as we are. By doing this we can get a glimpse of our inherent wisdom so we can stop beating ourselves up and continue suffering. Paying precise, nonjudgmental attention to ur experiences as they arise - the good with the bad, is the secret. We are not trying to hold onto the pleasurable things and avoid the painful. It's about practicing to be with these experiences equally.

When we are mindful we show up for our lives not be distracted by changing what is. So how can we be mindful in our meditation? There are three areas to take into consideration: the body, breath and mind. In short, the body is about how we set up our physical environment including the food we eat, the home and workplace, exercise, and people we surround ourselves with. Once these layers are balanced, then we can hone in on the meditation stage including the area we will sit and taking correct posture. Once we are stable in posture, the focus naturally falls to the breath. Simply being aware of the inhalation and the exhalation has a powerful impact in calming the mind. The quiet mind makes room to delve into the deeper layers where innate wisdom is revealed. 

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