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Deep Fall is Knocking on My Door From Mary Jane Kasliner
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Deep Fall is Knocking at My Door!

Welcome to BSA - The Conscious Alignment of Energy
Albeit the weather is rather balmy here in the northeast, deep fall is knocking at the door! What many people do not realize is your front door is your face to the world. So, how does your face look?

One of the most asked questions when it comes to feng shui is facing direction. This can be very confusing  when you take into account the different architectural designs and placement of structure on the property. In my feng shui school, I devote an entire class module on determining facing direction and the steps involved in determining this. Let's take a sneak preview at at some of the things you can do to answer the knock on your door plus other feng shui points!

Mary Jane Kasliner

1. So what is my facing direction?
Most of the time the position of the front door is located on the yang side of the property - active side where the roadway (water element) is located. However, this isn't always the case. With that being said, a closer evaluation is essential. Part of that evaluation is to determine where the most energy is entering the structure, and yes, that could be a window. This is always the case in high rise apartment dwellings and many times in townhome configurations. You can find all the essential steps, protocol and configurations in Class 5 (Bagua Mechanics) and Class 7 (Healthy Spaces Part 1) of my online feng shui training course.

2. Rear Support:   The back of the home is just as important as the front. The rear acts as the mountain or main support configuration for the structure. There are many scenarios where the backyard can undermine the structure and impact health and wealth for the occupants. For example, a pool or pond too close to the structure or large waterway. Obviously the larger the waterway the more challenging it is to create a mountain-like structure for support. Modules 2 (Form School), 5 ( Bagua Mechanics) and 7 (Healthy Spaces) delve deeply into these scenarios.

3. Landscaping - Form & Attracting Beneficial Energy: The supporting elements in attracting beneficial energy has many components. The land is one of the most important dynamics when it comes to supporting health for the occupants. Ninety-nine percent of feng shui is about the land. Poor land quality and topography makes for great feng shui challenges and ultimately obstacles encountered by the occupants. If you are in the stages of looking for land or building, this is the time to hire a feng shui master. There is nothing more important than healthy land. Module 8 (Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture) is a detailed course on how to walk the land and determine geopathic problems that impact health. Module 2 (Landform) and Module 7 (Healthy Spaces) take into account the topography and landscaping ideas to attract and accumulate auspicious energy to circulate your property and home.  Green Living Design Module 10 has a complete landscaping component using xerioscaping techniques. At the very least, choose land that is on a quieter roadway, supportive in the rear without drop off points, open in the front with supportive sides (Tiger side lower than the Dragon). Look for strong vegetation and fine tune with attractive varied heights in bushes and other plants.

4. Front Door and other Door Components: The front door is the mouth of chi, by and large. Therefore, it behooves you to make this a fantastic work of art. A few things to consider are: 

5. Type of Energy Flowing In: The type of energy flowing into the structure and circulating has many impact points. One of the most powerful points is the year the structure was built combined with the facing direction. This gives, if you will, a birth chart for the home. This is how a trained feng shui consultant in advance theories can pinpoint quality energy points to open up elementally in design, and negative points to shield or quiet down with other design implementation. This is part of my advance training series - Flying star that is available to those students who complete the intermediate training level. 

6. What Comes After the Front Door? Once the energy enters the structure there is a multitude of information that resides within the walls of your home. Everything from design materials incorporated, to color choices and visuals in artwork and accessory items impact how you experience life. The physical structure is the macrocosm of the temple that houses your soul. Choose wisely, as the impact drives the momentum of your experiences. Modules 1-10 in my course training program guide you through this journey!




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