Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Willful Meditation Wednesday!

Today, let's begin our meditation with willful breathing. The inquiry is: "How fully can I inhale; " and "How completely can I exhale. " Repeat this inquiry for several minutes and then fully relax. Feel the breath being free and effortless. Select an anchor in your mind to bring yourself back to the hear and now. Explore the sounds perhaps from the vibration of your breath as your anchor. Whatever your anchor is, know it will bring you back to the present moment. Try to experience your breath on the inside of your being. Visualize with every breath the heart being embraced and nurtured. Take that sensation of being nurtured deeper into your meditation. Let it flow out from heart center. Keep the focus around the heart and notice the sensations that may arise and then freely release those sensations. Stay with this willful breathing for at least 15 minutes before going about your day.


Mary Jane Feng Shui Yoga Girl:

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